Apr 15, 2011


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Malaysia - Local elections: many news sites or pro-opposition victims of cyberattacks

With the approach of local elections in Sarawak (Borneo Island), April 16, 2011 (which risk undermining the authority of Prime Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud province, serving for 30 years) many of the websites opposition or information are victims of cyber-DDoS (denial of service attack is to overwhelm a site claims to make it inaccessible).

"Reporters Without Borders notes with regret that political campaign and freedom of information do not mix in Malaysia. The organization condemns the use of cyber attacks to regulate Internet content, which remains a privileged space for expression in a country where the mainstream press is muzzled by the authorities. These practices are not good news for the general elections should be held by the end of 2011, at a time when bloggers and online journalists have a crucial role to play in informing the population, "the organization said.

Sites Sarawak Report, Radio Free Sarawak Dayak Baru Blog and Malaysiakini, whose account was suspended Twitter are currently unavailable. Alternative links, however, were created to access Malaysiakini: malaysiakinicom.wordpress.com or www.facebook.com / Malaysiakini.

Sarawak Report including investigating the origins of the wealth of Abdul Taib Mahmud. Malaysiakini, which has acquired an international reputation spanning the mandate of former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, denouncing attempts to bribe voters, who pay for a pro-government vote had been proposed. The website published numerous reports on preparations for the elections, a major popularity test for the Barisan Nasional (BN) party currently in power.

Some bloggers have also been denied the right to enter the Malaysian island, with Wong Chin Huat (chinhuatw.wordpress.com) Sivarasa (sivarasa.blogspot.com) or Haris Ibrahim (harismibrahim.wordpress.com) .

Malaysia is located in the 141st position out of 178 countries in the world ranking of press freedom conducted by Reporters Without Borders and is one of the country "under surveillance" in its report on "Internet Enemies", including due to pressure on bloggers.

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notasemut : yang lain gua dah tau, cuma yang gua highlight colour merah tu gua baru tau. kah kah kah! nombor 141 dari 178 beb! dah dekat dekat tangga tercorot dah tu. kah kah kah! bila pelabur asing tak masuk, utusan tv3 lantang kata salah pembangkang. ni apa ni woi! malu la sikit woi umno barisan nasional!

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