May 3, 2011

cerita kematian osama ibarat kisah dongeng - analisis tentera

“It’s great news, if that’s true. But it looks like a [highly] staged fairytale, first. And secondly, the United States hasn’t proved that the White House has iron-clad, video-taped evidence regarding the operation and how his body was transferred to land-locked Afghanistan later, to be dumped at sea, with all those honors… [It] doesn’t make any sense for me.”
“He was supposed to be brought for forensic [examination] back to the United States, because he was the main target of the ten-year-long manhunt.”
“It took Obama two years to [provide] his birth certificate. I don’t know how many years or months, or maybe just hours, it will take the Obama administration to [provide] Osama’s death certificate.” - Colonel Evgeny Khrushchev.

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