Jun 27, 2011

website SUARAM (suara rakyat malaysia) kena hack la pulak

KUALA LUMPUR: Hackers have defaced the website of local human rights organisation Suaram today, in what is believed to be part of the “crackdown” against activists in recent days.

Suaram coordinator E Nalini said that the intrusion was detected at 6.45pm today and the NGO was still trying to get information technology experts to restore the website, which has been entirely replaced with a single page entitled “Indonesiancoder Team”.

A logo with a twin AK-47s appeared beneath the flaming title while below were the words “Hacked by Dr. Cruzz”. The website’s icon is replaced by a daemon face and the greyed backdrop was also filled with animated falling snow.

What is believed to be Quranic prayers is also being played in the background.

Also written on the vandalised site were “Marhaban Ya Ramadhan that will come soon” and “Get the Codes and Feel the Soul”.

“We don’t know what happened but we suspect that it is linked to the ‘crackdown’ on activists that we’re seeing on Parti Sosialis Malaysia and Bersih supporters,” Nalini told FMT.

She said the website was so badly hacked that even archived information is inaccessible.

“We were once hacked in October 2008 around the time (blogger) Raja Petra (Kamarudin) was arrested,” Nalini said, adding that it took several months before the website was restored then. - MT

ada bunyi macam orang baca al-quran tapi favicon pakai kepala setan pulak. keh keh

notasemut : buat masa ni www.suaram.net tak boleh dibuka dan dihalakan terus ke facebook page suaram (suara rakyat malaysia). untuk maklumat lanjut, refer dekat facebook page je la ye. 

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