Jul 28, 2011

menjelang pilihanraya umum - runding sempena ramadan? kah kah kah!

sumber : fb media pencacai

kah kah kah! ni apa lancau nak runding lagi ni? sebelum ni bukan main lagi hina pas kelantan pas kedah. siang malam siap keluar berita berat sebelah di semua akhbar dan televisyen, tiba tiba, nak runding? kah kah kah!

pencacai umno ni eloknya berunding dengan iblis yang tulis artikel kat bawah ni dulu. ni saja gua letak satu contoh. sebenarnya banyak lagi artikel bebal yang pencacai umno duk merapu siang malam dekat blog/forum masing masing. kalau dah power sangat pergi jahanam la sama rundingan perpaduan dengan pas. pergi la bergabung dengan bangladesh ke, pendatang tanpa izin ke. kah kah kah! kah kah kah! kah kah kah!

Parti Ajaran Sesat can go to hell! (Sumber - Melayu Bangkit)
Tarikh 21/06/2011 03:31
Penulis - admin

This old senile fool can only lie to those who are more stupid than him.

This pharaoh will not give up his MB status to the younger generation but will hold on to his power until he dies just like Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.

Who is he to liken himself to our prophet when the pharaoh will even give in to the satan in DAP and give up PAS's dream of establishing an Islamic state???

Bank Islam was not established by him. And what about his actions of becoming friends with Satan but will deny unity with other Muslims in UMNO???

Voting for PAS will not gain any 'pahala' because PAS is actually 'Parti Ajaran Sesat'.

Sure Nabi Muhammad holds the political power then, but our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. received direct guidance from Allah s.w.t.

Unlike Nik Aziz who will even accept money from the Jew or the communists and sell Islam to the highest bidder.

So how can Islam is liken to PAS when PAS is not Islam but only a political party, only to gain earthly matters by selling the religion to DAP.

One question! How many mosques had been built in Kelantan by the PAS government in these 2 decades PAS had administered Kelantan?

If you can't even build one mosque, don't talk as if you are so great when you are a motherfucker.

Can anyone especially PAS supporters or leaders, list down what PAS had done to help uplift the lives of the Muslims in Kelantan?

Come on! You are that good. Surely you can list down something or you are that good that you can't think of anything???

Nik Aziz is stupid, PAS's followers are a billion times more stupid than Nik Aziz.

notasemut : runding kepala bapak lu!

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