Jul 12, 2011

selepas bersih 2.0 - najib dikecam dunia

sumber : amnesty

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The British government should pressure the Malaysian Prime Minister about the freedom of assembly during his visit scheduled this week in the UK, Amnesty International said Monday, July 11, when peaceful demonstrators were victims of police violence Kuala Lumpur and 1,667 people were arrested Saturday, July 9.

Police arrested peaceful demonstrators, fired tear gas directly at the demonstrators and a hospital on July 9 in order to prevent the rally in support of electoral reform called Bersih 2.0, to be held in a stadium .

One of the protesters, Baharuddin Ahmad, 56, collapsed near the Petronas Twin Towers as he tried to escape the tear gas, and was later pronounced dead in hospital.

"The government of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has shown total disregard for the thousands of Malaysians who exercise their right to demonstrate peacefully, said Donna Guest, deputy director of the Asia-Pacific Programme at Amnesty International.

"The violent crackdown by the Royal Malaysian Police violates international standards of human rights, and must stop. The authorities must authorize any new peaceful demonstration and meet the course. "

Amnesty International urges the Malaysian authorities to investigate allegations that police failed to provide rapid assistance to Baharuddin Ahmad before his death, including reports that an ambulance arrived half past one after he collapsed.

Many demonstrators were beaten by police and agents of the Federal Reserve Unit, a special force used to disperse the mass public gatherings. One of the many videos posted on YouTube shows plainclothes police beatings of showing up a grounded, while uniformed police officers watching the scene.

The police also fired tear gas directly at the demonstrators, including members of the parliamentary opposition. The opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was wounded by a tear gas canister fired at him and Khalid Samad, Member of the Islamic Party panmalaisien (PAS), was shot in the neck by a bomb.

Also, tear gas were fired at a hospital where the demonstrators had taken refuge, threatening the health of patients. Malaysian police denied these facts. 

"The British government must not sanction the violence in down the red carpet at the Malaysian Prime Minister, said Donna Guest. David Cameron must know the Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak that such human rights violations against peaceful demonstrators demanding reforms are not acceptable. "

In addition, Amnesty International urges the Vatican to pressure the Malaysian Prime Minister to respect human rights during his planned visit to Rome this weekend.

All the arrested protesters at the rally have now been released without charge. According to local sources, many of them had injuries inflicted during arrest.

"The use of force by police at the rally was excessive, unnecessary and designed to instill fear," said Donna Guest.

Forty people arrested ahead of the event are subject to prosecution. Most were charged under Section 49 of the Companies Act for possession of illegal materials, including T-shirts Bersih.

Six members of the Socialist Party (PSM) are detained without charge for an indefinite period under the Emergency Ordinance since July 2. One of them, the Parliamentary Jeyakumar Kumar, was hospitalized July 10 for heart problems after suffering prolonged interrogations over several days.

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