Feb 20, 2012

AKAN DATANG - Jadual ketibaan 20 kapal ZIM dari Haifa, Israel [29 Feb hingga 3 Mei]

berikut jadual ketibaan 20 bijik kapal zim dari Haifa, Israel ke Pelabuhan Klang, Malaysia. ini baru gua petik sikit je ni. padahal banyak lagi sebenarnya. kalau rajin boleh check sendiri di www.zim.com/point2point.

sumber : www.zim.com

Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (Hebrew: צים‎), formerly ZIM Israel Navigation Company Ltd. and Zim American Israeli Shipping Inc., is the biggest cargo shipping company in Israel, and 10th largest in the world. 

ZIM was founded in 1945, by the Jewish Agency and the Histadrut (General Federation of Laborers in the Land of Israel). The first ship was purchased in partnership with Harris and Dixon (based in London) in 1947. This vessel was refurbished, renamed SS Kedmah, and sailed to the future state of Israel in the summer of 1947. 

During her first years, her main task was transporting hundreds of thousands of immigrants to the emerging state. Some of the other ships that had been used for clandestine immigration before the establishment of Israel as a state were confiscated by the British mandate authorities and later joined the company's fleet. The company continued to purchase more ships, among them SS Negba, SS Artza and SS Galila.

During the 1948 war, the company was the sole maritime connection with the state of Israel, supplying food, freight and military equipment.

Source - wikipedia

notasemut : sebenarnya gua bukan minat sangat nak dedah itu ini hari hari. tapi disebabkan berita tv akhbar masih tak habis habis cerita pasal anwar ejen israel, jadi gua rasa apa yang didedahkan ni kira macam ada kaitan la. kah kah kah! kah kah kah! kah kah kah! 

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