Feb 17, 2012

menjelang PRU13 - malaysianinsider, harakahdaily terganggu akibat serangan DDOS

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 — The Malaysian Insider servers went down for six hours today due to a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack but data centre and the company’s engineers have managed to get the news portal online again, said chief executive and editor Jahabar Sadiq.

The Malaysian Insider’s servers are based at the AIMS data centre in Kuala Lumpur.

“We would like to apologise to our readers and advertisers. Our engineers together with those from AIMS had to take some time to ensure the attacks don’t happen again,” he said.

Coincidentally, the Harakahdaily servers went offline for about four hours today and one of the editors said they suspected a DDOS attack.

On Monday, the Bursa Malaysia website was also down due to a DDOS attack.

No one has claimed responsibility for any of the suspected attacks.

A DDOS is an attempt to make a computer or network resource unavailable to its intended users. Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a such an attack may vary, it generally consists of the concerted efforts of a person, or multiple people to prevent an Internet site or service from functioning efficiently or at all, temporarily or indefinitely.

Source : TMI

notasemut : eh, awal pulak kena serang. biasanya time pilihanraya kecil je laman berita dan forum kena serang. test power menjelang PRU ke ni?

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