Apr 28, 2009

lu jumpa bomoh lu bodoh!


Swine Influenza

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is swine influenza?

Swine influenza (Swine Flu), is a highly contagious acute respiratory disease of pigs, caused by influenza A viruses that regularly causes diseases and outbreaks of influenza in pigs. Swine Flu viruses causes high level of illness (high morbidity) and low death rates (low mortality) at about 1-4 % in pigs. The mode of spreads of this virus among pigs is by aerosols and direct and indirect contact, and asymptomatic carrier pigs exist. Outbreaks in pigs occur throughout the year, with an increased incidence in the fall and winter in temperate zones similar to outbreaks in humans.

2. How many Swine Flu viruses are there?

Swine Flu viruses change constantly as other influenza viruses. There are four main influenza A virus subtypes been isolated in pigs. Those viruses are most commonly of the H1N1 subtype, but other subtypes are also circulating in pigs (e.g., H1N2, H3N1, H3N2). Pigs can also be infected with avian influenza viruses and human seasonal influenza viruses as well as swine influenza viruses. The H3N2 swine virus was thought to have been originally introduced into pigs by humans. Sometimes pigs can be infected with more than one virus type at a time, which can allow the genes from these viruses to mix resulting in an influenza virus containing genes from a number of sources. , called a "reassortant" virus. Although swine influenza viruses are normally species specific and only infect pigs, they do sometimes cross the species barrier to cause disease in humans.

Most of the recently isolated influenza viruses from pigs have been H1N1 viruses.

3. Where have human cases occurred?

Since the implementation of IHR (2005)1 in 2007, WHO has been notified of swine influenza cases from the United States and Spain.

As of 24 April 2009, there were 854 cases of severe atypical pneumonia with 59 deaths in Mexico. From 50 samples that have been tested, 17 cases were positive for atypical strain of Swine Flu virus A (H1N1). In the United States, there were 8 cases reported positive for H1N1 but no death so far.

4. What are the signs and symptoms of Swine Flu in people?

The symptoms of Swine Flu in people are similar to the symptoms of regular Human Flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people have reported diarrhoea and vomiting associated with Swine Flu. In the past, severe illness (pneumonia and respiratory failure) and deaths have been reported with Swine Flu infection in people. Like Seasonal Flu, swine flu may cause a worsening of underlying chronic medical conditions.

5. Is it safe to eat pork and pork products?

Yes. There is no evidence that Swine Flu can be transmitted through eating properly handled and prepared pork (pig meat) or other products derived from pigs. However, it is essential to cook pig meat properly. The swine influenza virus is killed by cooking temperatures of 160°F/70°C, corresponding to the general guidance for the preparation of pork and other meat.

6. How do people become infected?

Swine Flu does not normally infect humans, although sporadic cases do occur. People usually get swine influenza through contact with infected pigs, or environments contaminated with Swine Flu viruses. However, some human cases lack contact history with pigs or environments where pigs have been located. Human-to-human transmission has been documented in some instances but was limited to close contacts and closed groups of people.

7. Is there a human vaccine to protect from swine influenza?

No. Current seasonal influenza vaccine produced based on WHO recommendation does not contain swine influenza virus. It is unknown whether the seasonal vaccines can provide any cross protection to ongoing swine influenza virus infection in the United States and Mexico.

What drugs are available for treatment?

Most of the previously reported swine influenza cases recovered fully from the disease without requiring medical attention and without antiviral medicines.

8. How long can an infected person spread Swine Flu to others?

People with swine influenza virus infection should be considered potentially contagious as long as they are symptomatic and possible for up to 7 days following illness onset. Children, especially younger children, might potentially be contagious for longer periods.

9. What can I do to protect myself from getting sick?

There is no vaccine available right now to protect against Swine Flu. There are certain actions that can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza such as:
- Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or handkerchief when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the waste basket after you use it.
- Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.
- Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
- If you get sick with influenza, stay at home and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
- Consult your nearest health care facilities

For more information, please call CRPC at 03 – 8881 0200 and 03-8881 0300 or email to cprc@moh.gov.my

Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre
Ministry of Health, Malaysia

27 April 2009

Apr 21, 2009

satu mulut, dua suara

Gua memang dah lama tak baca paper. Tapi lepas baca entri dari brader Isham TukarTiub, baru gua perasan...

Apr 19, 2009

battle of penanti

Keputusan Rasmi Pilihanraya Kecil Parlimen Permatang Pauh (P44)

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (KeADILan): 31,195 undi
Hanafi Mamat (AKIM): 92 undi
Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah (BN): 15,524 undi
Jumlah mengundi: 47,258
Peratus keluar mengundi: 81 peratus
Undi rosak: 447 undi
Majoriti: 15,671 undi
Penyandang: Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail (KeADILan)
Undi diperolehi 8 Mac 2008: 30,348
Majoriti: 13,398 undi
N.10 Seberang Jaya

PR Kecil PRU-12
Kod Daerah PKR BN PKR BN
Jalan Sembilang
Seberang Jaya II
Kampung Pertama
Kampung Belah Dua
Seberang jaya I
Jalan Baru
Simpang Ampat
Jalan Tuna
Taman Tun Hussein Onn
N.11 Permatang Pasir

PR Kecil PRU-12
Kod Daerah PKR BN PKR BN
Sama Gagah
Permatang Ara
Permatang Pauh
Bukit Indra Muda
Kampung Pelet
Kubang Semang
Tanah Liat Mk 8
Kampung Cross Street
Permatang Tengah
N.12 Penanti

PR Kecil PRU-12
Kod Daerah PKR BN PKR BN
Guar Perahu
Kuala Mengkuang
Telok Wang
Sungai Lembu
Kubang Ulu
Sungai Semambu
Tanah Liat Mk 9
Jalan Berapit

amacam najib? tak 'satu malaysia' la kalau puak lu tarik diri..

Apr 18, 2009

gandingan setan dan iblis

Razak Baginda is taboo, TV stations told - Malaysiakini

Four private television stations have been ordered not to name political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda when reporting the Altantuya Shaarriibuu murder case.
has learnt that the top management of Media Prima Berhad - the owner of the four TV stations - had issued a directive on the matter.
The media giant, which is believed to be linked to ruling party Umno, controls the country’s four free-to-air private TV stations - TV3, ntv7, 8TV and tv9.
The directive was part of an email sent on behalf of the group director of news and current affairs, television networks, Kamarulzaman Zainal.
Kamarulzaman was press secretary to Abdullah Ahamd Badawi when the former premier was deputy PM. He was appointed to helm Media Prima soon after Abdullah took power in 2003.
abdul razak baginda pc 201108 07The email listed four ‘don’ts’ involving news reports relating to the high-profile murder case of Mongolia national Altantuya, who was mistress of Razak Baginda (left).
The TV stations were ordered not to mention Razak Baginda’s name and ignore all news background related to him.
Editors were instead told to focus their reports on the two accused in the murder trial, who were sentenced to death last week.
Razak Baginda, a close confidant of newly-minted Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, was charged with abetting the murder but was later freed.
The controversial court decision had sparked off a fresh round of speculations that the powers-that-be had a hand in the acquittal.

Don’t show footage of Razak Baginda

Not only that the political analyst’s name should not be mentioned, visuals showing him in previous trials and after his release are also banned, according to the email.
The other two restrictions were related to the new premier.
najib rosmah and altantuya murder caseThe TV stations were barred from reporting that Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, were linked to the case.
Also, statements from those accusing Najib and Rosmah of being involved in the case were also prohibited.
It is not clear whether Media Prima has been instructed by government officials to ‘cleanse’ the three key personalities from the Altantuya case.
The email, which has been widely circulated in the company, was sent last week to editors of all different language sections within the Media Prima group.
An assistant from Kamarulzaman’s office told Malaysiakini that his boss was currently overseas and would not be available to comment on the directive. There is also no response to an email sent to Kamarulzaman.
The Media Prima ban came hot in the heels of a blackout by state-owned RTM on reporting the on-going political crisis in Terengganu.
Malaysiakini has reported on Wednesday that RTM blacked out news on the apparent boycott of the Terengganu state assembly sitting by 10 state representatives earlier this week. This was however denied by the government.
Hefty ‘commission’ for Razak Baginda’s company
Last week, two police special action force personnel - chief inspector Azilah Hadri and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar - were sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court for murdering Altantuya.
The two, who were part of a security detail to protect VIPs including Najib, have since appealed to the higher court.
Since the case hit the headlines, Najib has been forced to repeatedly deny having any links with Altantuya and the murder case.
military malaysia navy french built submarine scorpene classWhen Najib was defence minister, a company controlled by Razak Baginda was awarded a ‘commission’ of RM534.8 million for the purchase of two Scorpene submarines from France.
The government has denied that the contract given Perimekar was a hefty commission but for the compnay “to prepare support and coordination services” for a period of six years.
The opposition has been exploiting both issues to attack Najib’s integrity, especially during the three key by-elections earlier this month.
This had prompted the police to issue a gag order on all political ceramah from raising the controversial murder case.

Apr 17, 2009

exora lembik

Proton Exora Crash Test - 35km/h Front Crash Front View

Proton Exora Crash Test - 56km/h 40% Offset Side View

Apr 16, 2009

teksi malaysia, sampai bila?

Dah la teksi hodoh, pemandu macam taik (majoriti di Lembah Klang). Ada meter tak pakai (Mentari Court pergi Sunway Pyramid cas sampai RM10 walhal jalan kaki 10 minit boleh sampai). Ada signal tak pakai. Lepas tu suka hati bapak dia jalan sehala yang sempit pun nak berhenti mengejut nak ambil atau turunkan penumpang. Bila kena hon bertalu-talu sekuat hati buat muka bengis. Koya gangster. Tak tau bawah seat kereta gua ada cota, dalam toolbox ada pisau Rambo cap ayam, dalam boot ada tukul, celah celah bawah carpet ada sekampung semut dan sepasukan lipas. Ingat gua takut? Lu amik lu punya enjivi kejar gua tengok...

Sebenarnya gua nak bagitau yang US baru-baru ni luluskan tuk tuk berada di jalanraya je. Sambil-sambil lepas geram pada teksi-iswara-merah-putih-umno-bodoh yang hari-hari mencacatkan pemandangan, menyakitkan hati, menyesakkan lalulintas dengan parking asal boleh secara berjemaah, menaikkan temperature enjin pengguna pengguna jalanraya (nasib baik kereta gua kipas direct hasil kerja tangan Anep Scoin palsu). Bila jalan dah jem, orang pasang penghawa dingin, kuatkan volume radio. Bahang enjin membahang, asap ekzos mengasap, pejalan kaki makin sakit dan makin tak larat jalan kaki, penumpang sakit kepala bila pemandu dah berangan jadi Faizal Tahir, gerai-gerai restoran-restoran tepi jalan tercemar. Tapi bila dah lapar, roti canai rasa habuk jalan campur molekul asap lori pun sedap.

Ah. Panas hati cerita pasal teksi 'Satu Malaysia' ni. Naik malas gua nak cerita pasal tuk tuk dekat US. Baca la sendiri dekat sini, sini dan sini. Gua nak turun minum barli. Kasi sejuk sikit. Harap-harap tak ada perisa habuk.

Apr 8, 2009

ah, dia dapat batang ai sebab main tipu

Bukit Gantang official results
Mohd Jamaluddin Nizar (PR-PAS) 21,860
Ismail Danok (BN-Umno) 19,071
Kamarul Ramizu Idris (Ind) 62
Majority - 2,789 (In 2008, the majority was 1,566 -diulangi, dulu majoriti seribu setengah je beb)

Bukit Selambau official results
Manikumar (PR-PKR) 12,632
S Ganesan (BN-MIC) 10,229
Majority 2,403

Batang Ai official results
Malcolm Mussem Lamoh (BN) 3,907 votes (menang tipu beb)
Jawah Gerang (PR-PKR) 2,053
Majority 1,854

p/s: PAS, PKR dengan PRS je menang? umno mana umno? dah berapa pilihanraya kecil dah ni sejak mac '08. umno ni bertanding ke main main? umno ni parti pembela bangsa ke parti cap ayam? kui kui kui.. kur kur kur.. kok kok kok..

Apr 7, 2009

sembah derhaka mohon disebarkan!

Rajin rajin la klik refresh kalau nak tau keadaan di [Bukit Gantang] dan [Bukit Selambau]. Di [Batang Ai] gua tak pasti sangat. Mungkin lambat sikit. Kalau malas nak refresh lepak je SINI. Hish, pemaleh ya amat..

zahid hamidi pengecut tak turun debat di Larut Tin malam tadi

Ini bukan video debat, tapi ini kisah benar.

Apr 6, 2009

perempuan simpanan

ROMLAH yang gua beli secara paksa oleh pipiyapong itu hari pun belum habis baca lagi, ni dah terbit PEREMPUAN SIMPANAN pulak. Tak boleh tengok kawan-kawan senang sikit. Ah, nanti lu orang buat Maskara 14 baru gua beli, sambil makan nasi ayam dengan air berkabonat percuma bawah pokok pena.

Menyesal gua beli ROMLAH, rasa nak lagi!

gua nak tutup akaun. confirm

Malaysia's CIMB to close 60 branches-report

KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 (Reuters) - Malaysia's second largest lender CIMB Bank (BUCM.KL) will close nearly 60 surplus branches this year to save up to 60 million ringgit ($16.77 million) annually, local daily The Malaysian Reserve reported on Monday.

The bank has identified the 60 banks to be closed in August, the report quoted its head of consumer sales and distribution, Sulaiman Mohd Tahir as saying.

"CIMB can save in the region of 50 million to 60 million ringgit from the closing of the branches from next year onwards. And when we close the branches, we will redeploy the people.

"The group may also see the possibility of new revenue to be generated by redeploying people to other areas which has value creation in terms of new business," he said.

The network rationalisation was prompted by the merger between CIMB and Southern Bank in 2006.

($1=3.577 Malaysian Ringgit)

(Reporting by Julie Goh; Editing by Liau Y-Sing)



Pinjam dari TukarTiub:


Doktor Mahathir Muhamad telah memarahi Doktot Zambry di hadapan orang ramai.

Doktor Zambry ini telah dimarahi kerana yang hadir ke jamuan makan menyambut kedatangan Bomoh Tua ini hanya 253 orang sahaja.

Madey marah bagaimana sadikit sangat orang yang datang walhal ini ‘big makan’.

Para jurukamera dari semua stesen tv langsung tak berani hala kamera ke arah tamu – kerana dewan kelihatan kosong. Yang ramai hadir ialah bangku, kerusi dan meja.

Bomoh Tua kemudian kata dia tidak sehat dan terus blah.

kah kah kah!!! (najib di mana?)

berita tergempar. gempa di italy

Italy Earthquake: 50 Dead, 50,000 Homeless

Nick Pisa in Rome
At least 50 people are dead and 50,000 homeless in an earthquake which has flattened parts of central Italy.

Rescuers were digging bodies out from the collapsed ruins of dozens of houses and emergency services said the death toll was ''bound to rise.''

The tremor struck at just after 3.30am local time this morning and measured 6.3 on the Richter scale.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has declared a state of emergency for the central Abruzzo region where the quake struck.

The epicenter was close to the city of L'Aquila in the centre of Italy, about 100 miles north east of Rome.

Read more HERE

Apr 4, 2009

zambry mana zambry?

Cerita lanjut di SINI

najib, hantu dan hantantuya..

MAFREL Press Statement 3 April 2009
Dead voters `living’ in electoral roll of BATANG AI

Mafrel’s investigation found 3 dead voters still “alive” in the electoral roll of Sarawak state N29 Batang Ai.

Case 1: Dayang Utat Binti Kamaruden (1898-1981) The oldest voter in the constituency, Dayang Utat binti Kamaruden(981231-13-0146) was born in 1898, 111 years ago, died on the 29th of May 1981. She was buried at the Muslim cemetery of Kampung Ulu Sri Aman . Another question is why Dayang Utat’s name appears differently in the previous electoral roll? Her name was Dyg Bt Abg Kam in the electoral roll dated 05.02.2008, but her name in the current electoral roll is Dyg Utat Binti Abang Kamaruden . Both names are under the same IC number, 981231-13-0146.

Case 2: Timah ak Ambal(1900-?)According to the ‘Kapitan Cina’of Lubok Antu, Mr Tay Chow Ming (who is also the nephew of Timah), Timah ak Ambal(001231-50-5984), born in 1900, was buried many years ago at the Chinese Cemetery next to her husband, behind the Lubok Antu Bazaar with the traditional tajau (jar) and gongs that marks her grave, the only iban grave at the Chinese cemetery .

Case 3: David Aling ak Usit(1942-2007)The other name, David Aling ak Usit (born in August 1942) who died more recently in 2007, also found as one of eligible voters in the coming by-election on 7 April.

Source: MAFREL - Your Election Watchdog