Apr 4, 2009

zambry mana zambry?

Cerita lanjut di SINI

najib, hantu dan hantantuya..

MAFREL Press Statement 3 April 2009
Dead voters `living’ in electoral roll of BATANG AI

Mafrel’s investigation found 3 dead voters still “alive” in the electoral roll of Sarawak state N29 Batang Ai.

Case 1: Dayang Utat Binti Kamaruden (1898-1981) The oldest voter in the constituency, Dayang Utat binti Kamaruden(981231-13-0146) was born in 1898, 111 years ago, died on the 29th of May 1981. She was buried at the Muslim cemetery of Kampung Ulu Sri Aman . Another question is why Dayang Utat’s name appears differently in the previous electoral roll? Her name was Dyg Bt Abg Kam in the electoral roll dated 05.02.2008, but her name in the current electoral roll is Dyg Utat Binti Abang Kamaruden . Both names are under the same IC number, 981231-13-0146.

Case 2: Timah ak Ambal(1900-?)According to the ‘Kapitan Cina’of Lubok Antu, Mr Tay Chow Ming (who is also the nephew of Timah), Timah ak Ambal(001231-50-5984), born in 1900, was buried many years ago at the Chinese Cemetery next to her husband, behind the Lubok Antu Bazaar with the traditional tajau (jar) and gongs that marks her grave, the only iban grave at the Chinese cemetery .

Case 3: David Aling ak Usit(1942-2007)The other name, David Aling ak Usit (born in August 1942) who died more recently in 2007, also found as one of eligible voters in the coming by-election on 7 April.

Source: MAFREL - Your Election Watchdog