Jun 26, 2009

michael jackson mati sakit jantung

Pop star MICHAEL JACKSON has died.

The singer suffered a cardiac arrest at his home and arrived at hospital in a coma.

Captain Steve Ruda, of Los Angeles Fire Department, said in reports paramedics responded to a call at Jackson's home around 12.26pm.

He was not breathing when they arrived. The paramedics performed CPR but he was reportedly totally unresponsive.

Fans are already arriving outside the hospital.

Close friend URI GELLER told Sky News he was hoping desperately that the reports were not true: "I must hear it from a doctor. I cannot believe everything I see and read and hear at the moment. I hope its not true, I'm waiting like you are, like the whole planet is waiting to hear it from the mouth of the doctor taking care of him."

"I'm absolutely devestated and shocked. He was a young man terribly fit and basically in good shape. If it is true I am just in total shock."

Long-time family insider ARTHUR PHOENIX told World Entertainment News Network (WENN) that the Jackson family are devastated.

Phoenix, a former family publicist and advisor to Jackson's brother Tito told WENN: "The family is in mourning right now. They are devastated and very hurt.

"The world of entertainment has suffered a great loss, the biggest since the death of ELVIS PRESLEY.

Source: The SUN UK

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