Jul 6, 2009

istana khir toyo (baca: istana rasuah)

Gambar gambar ni gua curi dari blog Anti Khir Toyo. Gua mana ada duit nak sewa helikopter tangkap gambo dari atas. Gambo ni confirm tak akan keluar di TV3suku.

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Selangor opposition leader Dr Khir Toyo's lavish new home in Shah Alam is now under scrutiny as the property is allegedly beyond his means, or any menteri besar who served for eight years.

DAP's Sekinchan state assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim claimed that the 50,000 sq feet or 0.5 hectre property was constructed at an estimated cost of RM20 million while the land was bought at a price of RM3.8 million.

Source: Malaysiakini