Apr 5, 2011

twitter search with new function

Twitter recently turned 5 years old and it looks like its features are growing up too.The new search function now lets you search for general terms as opposed to specific names. “Squeaky-voiced, auto-tuned teen sensation” should return Justin Bieber as the top result, for example.
Adding a :) or a :( will also filter searches based on their positivity or negativity, which is a cool little touch. Go on, check out Twitter's new search now.
Source : Stuff TV

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Apa yang bestnya twitter search dengan tambahan function baru ni? Entah la gua sendiri pun tak pasti sebab gua sendiri pun masih baru dalam dunia tweet ni. Dia lebih kurang macam google juga tapi google dalam dunia twitter. Test sendiri la baru tau. Gua dengan twitter ni tak berapa nak ngam sangat. Nah tengok la sendiri hasil test gua. kah kah kah!

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