Oct 13, 2011

BALI dilanda gempa 6.1 [gambar]

A powerful earthquake has jolted Indonesia's popular resort island of Bali, causing widespread panic and injuring at least 50 people, many with broken bones and head injuries.

Ceilings caved in at some schools and offices on Thursday, while several ancient Hindu temples along the coast were damaged, with stones tumbling to the ground and their walls crumbling.

The police headquarters in Denpasar, where a 14-year-old Australian boy and a number of other Australians are being detained, was evacuated after the earthquake, which struck at 11.16am local time on Thursday (1416 AEDT).

A small aftershock more than four hours after the main quake also caused residents to flee buildings, although no further damage was apparent.

The US Geological Survey said the 6.1-magnitude quake was centred 100 kilometres southwest of the island, famous for its resorts and spectacular surfing beaches. It hit 35km beneath the ocean floor. - AAP

REMBAU - hospital RM100 juta bersaiz sedepa [Guinness World Records]

berita utusan syaitan pada 2008

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nampak? nampak tak? majlis meletakkan batu asas tersebut dilakukan pada 7 mac 2008, iaitu sehari sebelum pilihanraya umum ke-12 (8 mac 2008), yang menyaksikan kemenangan BN di parlimen rembau. sekarang siapa yang bodoh? ya, yang kena tipu la bodoh. kah kah kah! PRU 13 ni nak kena tipu lagi ke? kah kah kah! kah kah kah! kah kah kah!